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There's more than one way to enjoy Latte Lane

Special Events

At Latte Lane, we are focused and dedicated to our regular customers and try our best to be where they expect us to be because everyone loves a routine!  We have moved away from doing events so that we can cater to these needs. You can visit us in our drive-thru Monday-Saturday, or check our schedule for our location on Sundays!

Would wait in line for as long as it takes for this coffee. Can't give enough thumbs up for this hidden gem. Would recommend this place over any coffee chain. It definitely is great service with a smile!

The specialty drinks are amazing and the aesthetic of the whole experience can really turn a morning into a great one. The girls who work here are such sweethearts and the drinks are consistently tasty. It's a bit of a drive for me but I would rather make the trip than go anywhere else in the city. 

Love this coffee trailer! The girls are all so friendly and sweet! The drinks are always spot on! They are quick and efficient, even with a line. The girls are always happy with warm smiles. They make you feel like family every time we go! Highly recommend! 

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